Kickstart Your Blockchain Career w/ Solidity Bootcamp

A 5 Week Program to help you learn Etheruem Blockchain, Smart Contracts & Building your first DApp on Blockchain and start your career as a Blockchain Developer.

Program Dates

21'st May, 2021 - 26th June, 2021

Program Fees

Orignal Cost. 8999/- INR (~$120.00)
Upto 50% scholarship (4999/- INR) upon clearing eligiblity test - no questions asked!


Prior Knowledge of Blockchain Basics. 

Basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Application Process

Step 01

Apply for the Bootcamp and fill in your details. 

Our team will reach you out over email with the link of eligibility test. 

Step 02

Take up the Eligibility test within the given time frame and await for the results.

Test will be based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Step 03

Confirm your seat for the bootcamp and pay for it to start your journey as a Blockchain Developer.

Our team will reach out to you once you have taken the test.

An Experience Like Never Before

This is an 5 Week Bootcamp that will help you earn hands-on experience.

Live & Interactive Mentor-based learning

We want our students to start their journey with the latest software available so that they can keep

Hands-on-project based learning

Our students will be trained with hands-on experience with the best devices the tech world has to offer

Learn Grow and Network from Community

This course offers workshops and guest lectures from top-notch companies like Adobe, AirBnb & Nike

Exclusive Blockchain E-Guide and Roadmap

We believe in “less talk and more action”. This course goes beyond just the textbooks and we help

Career Sessions and one-to-one mentoring.

We believe in “less talk and more action”. This course goes beyond just the textbooks and we help

What Will Your Learn

Introduction To World of Etheruem Blockchain

Week 01

Introduction to Ethereum Blockchain, Smart Contracts 

Day 01 - Introduction Session

Day 02 - Introduction To Ethereum Blockchain

Day 03 - How Ethereum Blockchain Works

Day 04 - Introduction To Smart Contracts

Learning Solidity and Writing Smart Contracts

Week 02

How To Write Smart Contracts, Building our First DApp on Ethereum and deploying it. 

Day 05 - Introduction To Solidity (Basics)

Day 06 - Code Sprint #01

Day 07 - Solidity Concepts (Intermediate + Advanced)

Day 08 - Code Sprint #02

Building Our First Decentralised App

Week 03

Building a Blockchain Project from Scratch and implementing it.

Day 09 - Writing our First Smart Contract

Day 10 - Working on a project (Frontend + Web3)

Day 11 - Code Sprint #03

Day 12 - Solidity Tools (Ganache, Truffle, Meta Mask etc)


Building a Full-Stack Blockchain DApp 

Week 04

Building a DApp with your team and implementing it.

Day 13 - How To Deploy Smart Contracts and Test

Day 14 - Code Sprint #04

Day 15 - Building Project (Frontend and Brainstorming)

Day 16 - Writing Smart Contracts - #01

Project Demo & Career Session

Week 05

Building, Demonstrate your project with your team. Career Session on Being a Blockchain Developer.

Day 17 - Writing Smart Contracts - #02

Day 18 - Test cases, Web3 and other stuff

Day 19 - Deploying and End-To-End Project

Day 20 - Project Demo

Day 21 - Career In Solidity and as a developer


What our alumni say 🚀

It was a great learning experience with The Blockchain School. As promised the jargon-free content was delivered in a very amazing manner.

They tried to simplify jargons as much as possible.

Instructors are very friendly and experts in the subject matter.

Vishal Srivastava

Bootcamp 03 Student

This bootcamp provided me the opportunity to learn deep insights about Blockchain. My experience goes by saying that, being a student in Tech Field, one must understand the importance of this technology in terms of how it can be co-related to others like AI and also combining them what miracles could be performed. 

Abhinav Upadhyay

Bootcamp 03 Student

It exceeded expectations. I am really glad that I decided to join this bootcamp. You guys made blockchain so simple to understand without leaving any details of the technology.

I got a satisfying answer to all the confusing questions that were in my mind about blockchain before the bootcamp and even during the sessions that makes me feel more confident in exploring the blockchain technology in the future by myself. 



Bootcamp 03 Student

It was an amazing one week in the bootcamp. Before joining bootcamp I didn't knew much about blockchain like from where to start and where to go but through this bootcamp now I have a clear idea what I should do.


Manikanta Pradhan 

Bootcamp 02 Student

Great experience what I couldn't learn in an year about block chain was easily explained in a week by Rinkesh . I was always doubtful about how to start with blockchain and if a career in blockchain will be good but now I have a clear path on how to become a blockchain dev in the future .

Excellent efforts by Rinkesh and Saurabh . Better than any online course


Sriram Chava

Bootcamp 02 Student

I was already working on a blockchain project and was aware about many concepts still this bootcamp helped me alot in learning new concepts and clearing doubts, specially helped with resources part which is brilliant! Really helpful mentors! Specially Rinkesh!

His calm and composed way of answering doubts and beautiful analogies made learning fun and interactive. Thank you guys looking forward for more programs to join ♥️


Utkarsh Shrivastava

Bootcamp 01 Student

Kickstart your career In Blockchain and become a Blockchain Developer w/ Solidity Bootcamp 1.0.

Original Cost . 8999/- INR (~$120)

Scholarship upto 50% on orignal price on clearing the Eligiblity Test the Community Members (Cost then. Rs 4999/-)

Meet Your Mentor

Rinkesh Gorasia 

Founder Upskill India | Lead Educator @ The Blockchain School

Rinkesh the Founder of Upskill India and Former Founder & CEO Savior Technologies and has over 3 years of experience in Blockchain domain.

He started his journey in  Blockchain at a Hack-a-thon at IIIT-Allahabad  where he and his team for the first time worked on a blockchain project out of no choice and this was the time he fell in love with Blockchain and how powerful, amazing the world of blockchain is and how it can change the world for the good.

Rinkesh has taught and guided over 1000 students in field of blockchain  and is very keen and optimistic about the future of blockchain and how it can change the world. Apart from being a tech enthusiast and Blockchain developer, Rinkesh loves building products which people love using and is a true entrepreneur at heart.


Start Your Journey As a Blockchain Developer 👨‍💻

Program Fees: 

💰 Fees - Rs 8999/- (~$120)

🤩 Post Scholarship - Rs 4999/- (~$70)

Program Details

📆 5 Weeks Program

👨‍💻 Live Sessions every Tuesday, Thursday, Sat. & Sunday

🎥 Recording & Doubt Sessions

👨‍💻 Hands-on Experience

📚 Career Roadmap, assistance and metorship

🏆 Get Certified as Blockchain Developer

🔮 Community Access

(Assured Placement & Project Assistance)

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